Friday, December 19, 2008

This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps!

It doesn't snow that much in Seattle, but when it does it's bad news. This happened today.

HillSteep  • IceShitload + 2πBusKids/Highway = What you'd expect.*

The post title, BTW, is a non sequitur.  On my brief foray into the frozen heart of the city, my co-worker told me about this master work of TV editing. It's wonderful.

This is what happens, Larry. This is what happens.

*Even though I can't prove it, I included pi in there, because, but I'm fairly certain that there was pie involved with some part of this accident.


Jocelyn said...

Another thing that might happen in the Alps:

Oh, man. Rare form tonight.

Michael McDevitt said...

That is absolutely ridiculous.

Hungry Hyaena said...

I suppose you wouldn't want to be the stranger in the Alps, then.