Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Neutrophils on Parade

Bill Gusky over at ArtBlog Comments posted this wonderful video.

It prompted me browse on over to YouTube and check out some of the incredible microscopic footage that is posted there. I swear, we didn't have this stuff when I was learning biology. I think I'm gonna be wasting a lot more time on YouTube in the near future.

This doomed little beast puts up a real fight. It's kind of nightmarish.

This one just looks graceful like the aliens from the movie Abyss. (Hit mute, because the sound effects are stupid and distracting)

Seriously. I am blown away by the smoke-like appearance of these little neutrophils. Bear with the narrator and be rewarded with some incredible footage.

This one is a little slow at the outset, but the part where the neutrophil exits the blood vessel... Whoa! It's computer animation, but still pretty wild.

I'm solidly geeking out now, so I'll include a link to one more and then cut myself off. This one has some music, and the animation is super cool. They won't let me embed it (jerks) so you're just gonna have to follow the link.

So everybody take a minute to give a big high-five to your immune system. Good job fellas! Go get'em!


Thisbe said...

Did you know that when neutrophils squeeze out of the capillaries it is called "diapedesis"?

I enjoyed watching those, knowing that my own little neutrophils are doing double-duty patrols right now.
Thanks, guys!

not sure yet said...


This makes me want to write long love letters to my immune system and do things that make them happy. Maybe walk instead of take the car. Perhaps stop using the recording studio with all the asbestos.

I also want to create an improvised music piece to go along with all of the beautiful movements.