Monday, September 21, 2009

Cityscape Paintings

Somewhere, sometime ago, I signed up for some mailing list. You know the story.

For some reason I never unsubscribed because, well, I figured I must have had some reason to sign up in the first place... even if I can't remember it now. Usually, these emails go straight into the trash along with all the others like them. Today, however, I read one on a whim.

The email instructed me, among other things, to spend one hour a week researching the competition. To watch them and learn from them. To Google terms that I associate with my own artwork and see who comes up. Good idea.

Below are an assortment of artists whose work came up using the simple search terms "cityscape painting." Obviously, I have selected for taste.

Paul Balmer

Mike Hernandez (wow... check out these dog drawings)

Kim Cogan

Anonymous Argentine Painter from here

I could keep going. There are so many talented painters out there that it can get a bit daunting. I suppose that it is a solid reminder to work harder... and then work some more... and then keep working.


crystal said...

you found some pretty nice paintings. don't be hard on yourself. your work is gorgeous too.

crystal said...

your work is gorgeous too.

Michael McDevitt said...

I kinda think you only meant to publish one of those, but I'll take them both. ;-)

I need all the encouragement I can get (SEND MONEY!!!)

(just kidding)

(I mean... I wasn't)