Monday, September 1, 2008

People do strange and wonderful things.

I love the guard at the end.

It's tempting to laugh this kid off, but hold on. Geeky as his project may be, this kid is a genius with tape and cardboard. If he was a 25 year old art star we'd be lining up to high five him. We mock him because he is sincere.

Wow. The take-away lesson here, kids, is that the Man will steal your toys. Every. Single. Time.

(R/C Mario thanks to Ms. Barnacle, Billy the Halo Kid via Art Blog Comments, Soccer via Monkeys For Helping)


Hungry Hyaena said...

To the first video, I can only say "Cheers." The project is either the result of some serious trial and error or intensely careful measuring!

The Halo kid's handiwork and patience are impressive. And, yes, it's kinda sad to think that with some years and a hip, ironic twist, he'd be taken seriously in the art world...even though we just chuckle about him now.

As for the soccer: bananas.

Michael said...

Yeah that Mario song must have taken them quite a while to figure out.

As for the Halo Kid, I'm just thankful that I didn't have YouTube when I was his age. The internet has opened whole new vistas of public humiliation and ridicule.

Back in my day we had to embarrass ourselves the old fashioned way-- in the flesh!